Apex Predator

  • Year: 
  • 2015
  • Country: 
  • United States
  • Language: 
  • English
  • Aired:
  • 2015
  • Summary:

    Remi Warren is on a mission to embrace and claim the wildness that lies deep within each of us. He shows us that there is a beast in all of us and that it has a natural and necessary place in today’s world. Each episode begins by learning about adaptations, techniques, and traits used by a specific hunter in the wild. Remi learns everything he can by studying the predator itself, and gets extra info from experts in biology, physiology, and ecology. He then tests himself and designs both trials and training regimens to embody this trait.

    When prepared, Remi heads to the wild with a clear challenge to meld with nature and hunt like an animal.

Season 1
Ep.1 The Power of Patience: Aligator (12 links) 2015-04-09
Ep.2 Disguise Surprise: Coyote (19 links) 2015-04-16
Ep.3 Go Pack Go: Wolf Pack (29 links) 2015-04-23
Ep.4 High and Mighty: The Great Blue Heron (24 links) 2015-04-30
Ep.5 The Eyes Have It: Golden Eagle (26 links) 2015-05-07
Ep.6 Save Your Breath: Otter (18 links) 2015-05-14