One Bad Choice

  • Year: 
  • 2015
  • Country: 
  • United States
  • Language: 
  • English
  • Aired:
  • 2015
  • Summary:

    A 10-episode series that explores the consequences of young people who made a single, terrible decision that irrevocably changed their lives forever. Each 60-minute program is a true story that’s narrated by the actual participants & includes recreations with actors to portray the events that occurred. A wide range of stories, situations, & people who’ve had their lives upended by a single lapse in judgment. Shocking, surprising & deeply emotional, ‘One Bad Choice’ serves up highly emotional, cautionary tales that take viewers on a roller coaster ride filled with shocking twists and turns, suspense, drama, and redemption.

Season 1
Ep.1 Belle Knox (15 links) 2015-02-25
Ep.2 Levi Sparks (28 links) 2015-03-04
Ep.3 Jessica Rasdall (32 links) 2015-07-09
Ep.4 Kumari Fulbright (51 links) 2015-07-16
Ep.5 Stephan Perez (22 links) 2015-07-23
Ep.6 Reggie Shaw (0 links) 2015-08-06
Ep.7 Meili Cady (0 links) 2015-08-13
Ep.8 Episode 8 (0 links) 2015-08-20
Ep.9 Meili Cady (85 links) 2015-08-27
Ep.10 Michelle Gopaul (77 links) 2015-09-03